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Hector De Leon 1987 Philippine Constitution Pdf Download !!BETTER!!

the supreme court of the philippines maintains a database of the philippine official gazette and the philippine reports. the database is searchable by both the case name and the volume and page numbers. the official gazette records are available in adobe acrobat. the philippine reports records are available in microsoft word.

Hector De Leon 1987 Philippine Constitution Pdf Download

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there are some other legal publications which are not open to the public. for example, the law school faculties of the university of the philippines has published the legal bulletin of the philippine law school (also known as the bulletin of the up law school). the legal bulletin was first published in 1951. the legal bulletin contains news articles on legal topics as well as case law and legal commentary. the legal bulletin is currently published by the up law school. the case reports and other legal materials in the legal bulletin are cited according to the upl library style.

the philippine supreme court in its memorandum opinion of december 12, 1989, denied the request of the then chief justice, felipe agcaoili, to delay the convening of the con-ass, to be composed of those who were nominated by congress, until after the elections. the decision to convene the con-ass immediately, was supported by the majority of the supreme court. in his decision, then chief justice agcaoili expressed grave concern that the con-ass would be convened and that he would not be able to participate in the same. the chief justice also expressed fear that the con-ass, if convened during his term, would not be composed of legal scholars and experts, but merely those who were nominated by congress. the con-ass was convened on december 13, 1989, and was composed of eight lawyers from the supreme court and five lawyers from the lower courts. two of the lawyers who represented the con-ass were named by the con-ass as their legal consultant. the con-ass was expected to draft a new philippine constitution. later, the con-com was convened and the con-asss draft was presented to the con-com. the con-com had the power to accept, reject, or modify the draft. the con-com held hearings, heard the comments of the bar, and presented its draft to congress. on november 21, 1990, the philippine congress held its first session to consider the con-coms draft, which was presented to them on november 23, 1990. the council of state and the commission on elections were the second and third organs of the philippine government to consider the con-coms draft. the debates on the draft continued and on february 23, 1991, the con-com submitted its draft to the house of representatives, the senate, and the malacañang palace for consideration. on march 20, 1991, the senate adopted resolution 112, and the house of representatives adopted resolution 113. the con-coms draft was approved by both chambers of congress on march 22, 1991. on april 9, 1991, the con-coms draft was formally promulgated as the philippine constitution of 1991. [493]


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