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Where To Buy A Nice Money Clip

This titanium money clip from Craighill has a functional, minimalist design that's unique and stylish. It's only $35, which is an excellent entry price to money clips. Plus if you prefer a color other than bronze you can also purchase in a silver color or black.

where to buy a nice money clip

Just like their luggage, Tumi's money clip is elegant and highly durable. Inspired by the brand's signature ballistic nylon fabric and given a silver tone finish, this clip shows off a little more character without going over-the-top.

Similar to a carbon fiber cardholder, this clip is ultra-tough and rugged in style. It's worth noting this product isn't made with real carbon fiber but only inspired by the material. Regardless, your cash isn't going anywhere in this bad boy.

For the EDC enthusiast, you'll be interested to discover this Gerber money clip also has a secret knife. It's great for those moments for an impromptu fix on the job site. It's not great if you accidentally forget you brought it to the airport.

Travel made a comeback in 2022, and jetsetters promised to never take the ability to hit the road for granted again. This money clip, with its sleek design, is an ideal accessory for smooth style on the go in any time zone.

Want a unique money clip that holds your credit cards and bills while matching your pen and multi-purpose knife (corkscrew included)? We suggest getting the Curata Pen Multi-Function Knife and Square Money Clip three-piece set. The design adds a touch of elegance to your outfit, regardless of whether you are attending a fancy dinner or shopping in a grocery store. This money clip is for you if you love the balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Not to be mistaken with baby food brand Gerber, Gerber Gear is known for manufacturing life-saving, innovative outdoor gear to consumers for more than 75 years. Interestingly, the brand managed to craft a versatile money clip for on-the-go individuals. Compact and practical, the GDC money clip comes with a fixed 1.75-inch stainless steel blade knife for your outdoor excursions, with its ring acting as a secure thumb grip. This money clip can also hold bills and five credit cards for your shopping convenience.

This lightweight, silver clip embodies everything you need in a money clip. This money clip is affordable and durable and boasts a simple elegance that will make you feel proud to pull it out at any establishment. It is designed specifically to hold your cash and cards without adding extra bulk in your pockets. Durable titanium ensures the clip will last long past 2023.

Launched in 2013 by Daniel Kane and his son, Paul, The Ridge manufactures products that help make our lives more productive and streamlined. The brand has revolutionized wallets and other essentials by employing minimalist designs that do not skimp on functionality. One example is its metal wallet with a money clip. Though this money carrier is considered a wallet, The Ridge designed its metal wallet with a slender body that is small and light enough to pass as a minimal money clip. The added space is provided specifically for your credit cards and identification, but it was also engineered for more function. For those weary of pesky scammers, the metal body of this wallet and money clip was crafted to protect your cards from even the most powerful RFID chip readers.

Back in 2015, when Hunter Craighill founded his eponymous label, the designer set out to create sleek, time-tested everyday essentials that were made of virtually indestructible metals. This titanium money clip with rounded ends is a great example of that ethos.

Spencer Frazer is a sports and hunting enthusiast who founded SOG, a brand the offers tools and blades for men who share the same pastimes. You know, the same kind of guys who wouldn't second-guess a money clip with an integrated pocket blade.

The uber-strong titanium has best-in-class durability and a springiness to the clip that will never fail. If you want a money clip that separates itself from the rest, maybe look to the Bronze Station option.

Gucci has the answer for the guy who wants only the most premium of money clips. It has all the makings of a deluxe piece of jewelry sporting their iconic interlocking Gs. The difference is this has a legitimate purpose other than looking good.

A completely different style from the models listed above, this carbon fiber money clip wallet from Shevrov is made from aluminum and offers a more modern alternative to the classic look of the traditional leather mens wallet.

Here, your cards are stacked on top of each other in a credit card holder and accessed by a thumb groove in the case, while your cash is handled by the metal money clip on the exterior of the wallet.

With a transparent id window on the front and a leather-coated simple money clip on the back of the wallet, this is a good option for guys who want a no-nonsense and rugged wallet that will hold up for a long time.

The slim leather money clip wallet is available in six colors, can be stored in both your front and back pockets and has a total of eight card slots, with a money clip that can hold up to 10 folded bills.

I had some reservations, but those disappeared the second I felt this money clip in my hand. I recently decided to begin carrying cash after several years of going cashless. I wanted a money clip that would provide a secure grip on a substantial number of bills. After doing a bit of research, the Viper titanium money clip appeared to be the way to go. I watched a couple of video reviews and then pulled the proverbial trigger. It is absolutely everything they claim. It expands to hold more bills and cards than one would think possible, and it truly clamps down just as tightly as if it was new, gripping a single bill with no less tension. If there is a better money clip on the market, I have yet to see it. I'll be buying these as gifts for some of my friends, family, and clients.

After a week of using this " VIPER " money clip ! I found out that My decision of spending my hard earned money did not go to waste, as described it has the strength of holding 60-65 folded bills ?? plus my 8 credit cards , 1 Ca. ID and a costco card - I was abusing its elasticity and trying to find out if they are lying and just wanted to promote their product ! But it proved me wrong " it springs back to its original grip to hold a 1 paper bill ! For Now I am a believer ! But not to worry , I will be a constant critique of this VIPER MONEY CLIP , as of the current I will just enjoy this great product .

I've been on the search for the perfect money clip for years and have everything from a generic stainless steel model to a very pricy sterling silver money clip, all have served their purpose but none have been just right. So out of desperation I ordered the Viper money clip. It's currently holding 11 bills, my driver's license, a credit card and a debit card with room to spare. I'm looking forward to being able to go wallet-less? over the Memorial Day weekend and through the summer. Good Job Superior Ti.

I was looking for a good money clip and after searching the web, I came across your site and was interested in the Viper money clip. After checking out some YouTube videos, I was sold on it. This is an excellent money clip and I will certainly recommend it to my friends.

Both the Viper and the Mini Viper are exactly what I wanted! These are the best money clips I have ever bought!!!! Also work well with 1 bill or a lot of bills!!!!! I have gone through so many money clips and I would say I found the best ones ever!!! Thank you again!!!!

The Viper money clip is incredible. It hasn't lost any of its spring and I have at times had up to a dozen credit cards, drivers license, plus bills, stuffed in it all at once, yet it will still snap shut just as tight as when it was new. And, it will still hold itself on a single unfolded bill just like in the demonstration video.

I have always liked money clips over wallets and have had many over the years, including ones made by Omega and Tiffany, but I must say the Titanium one from superior titanium i purchased this year is the best one yet, it looks great, feels nice and works very well. Excellent product, 5 stars

This is hands down the best money clip available. I was a little hesitant because of the price, but was really hoping they could deliver on their promise. I was not disappointed. I'm a bartender and cash goes in and out all day. Whether I have a thick wad of small bills or a few bigger ones, it seriously holds on to everything without losing anything. Get one.

I love my new Viper money clip. I have a few money clips with special additions added. For instance I have a money clip that has a Sleepy Hollow pewter Headless Horseman on it. On another I have the half mask of the Phantom of the Opera. These money clips were from Things Remembered. They are ok but they certainly don't have the capacity to hold the amount of bills that the Viper does. Some you have to put enough bills in or they bills slip out. Others are way to tight. And of course you cannot put in credit cards. The Viper makes it easy to put my bills in and now I don't need any credit car holder. Eventually I will get the Viper engraved with something special. The way the Viper holds many bills or one bill is amazing. If anyone is in the market for a money clip, I will definitely refer them to Superior Titanium.

I purchased this money clip 4.5 years ago. I use it daily and it continues to retain its strength. It is lightweight, durable, and large enough to contain all the bills and cards I need. I have since purchased this money clip as a gift for many friends, they all love using it in place of wallets. I highly recommend it.

So I was a little hesitant to buy a $60 money clip but I'm really glad I did. I currently have 15 bills wrapped around 9 cards that are in a slim card type wallet and the Viper Clip is locked on! Great product!

I've been a money clip guy for 30 years, since switching from a wallet. I've probably owned 15 different ones, and never found what I was looking for. I ran across the superior titanium about 5 years ago, when, once again, the clip I was carrying broke again. I carry 5 or 6 credit and ID cards, plus an assortment of bills, and the only thing that could reliably carry that much was a rubber band or a binder clip, both of which simply look silly and unprofessional. I started with the smaller viper, but after about a year added the Full-Size viper to the lineup. I like the impressive size of it, and how well it holds a big stack of bills / cards. I am constantly showing it off, and making sure I lay it on the counter when paying for goods, so people can see it an ask about it. It is truly an excellent and unique product. Thanks for designing such a great clip. 041b061a72


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