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Taylor Script Swash Font

Taylor Hand feels equally elegant and unique. It looks lovely on wedding invitations, thank you cards, quotes, greeting cards, logos, business cards and every other design which needs a handwritten touch.This font is PUA encoded which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!

Taylor Script Swash Font

NOTE: This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY!To purchase a commercial license, visit: -handUse [ ] anywhere in a word where you want a swash. Example: Tay[lorFor questions, please visit :

By installing or using this font you agree to the Product Usage Agreement: -----------------------This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and requires a license for commercial use. The font license can be purchased at: -handPlease read "What license do I need?" for more info: -----------------------Taylor Hand is an elegant signature font. Drawn by hand and created to be a typeface for chic and modern work in a classy setting.Use [ ] anywhere in a word where you want a swash. Example: Tay[lorThe font comes in two styles, Upright and Italic, and also includes a Swash style for decorative additions to your lettering. It is completed with a full alternate alphabet and a big set of ligatures, which together give the handwriting genuine dynamics and a natural flow.It has extensive lingual support, covering all European Latin scripts.The font contains all characters you'll ever need, including all punctuation and numbers. -----------------------For further information, please read the FAQ:

Handwritten font combinations are a huge trend. They are versatile and can go from elegant to super casual. We've chosen a few script fonts from Envato Elements' big library and found the best font pairings.

If you're looking for inspiration or fonts that pair with scripts, be sure to check out Envato Elements. Their growing library includes awesome cursive and print font combinations and handwritten font combinations. You can also find other assets like photos, graphic templates, and videos.

This natural signature style font is based on handwriting. It was developed with a brush and later perfected to become a font you can use. Here, it's paired with Bergen Sans, a geometric sans serif that contrasts with the script font perfectly. This script font pairing is great for wedding invitations and branding.

Are you looking to create your own clothing brand? This is the ultimate handwritten font combination. Billbreak is a script font inspired by street fashion. Brigadier is a tall sans serif that's elegant and balances the urban style of Billbreak.

Do you want to communicate luxury? That will be easy with this sans serif font that pairs well with script. This luxurious modern calligraphic font can be used as a presentation title. There are plenty of swashes and lines. Pair it with Addington CF, a beautiful, legible serif font. You have the best combo right here!

The best fonts that pair well with script are the ones that have been inspired by similar timelines. For instance, Salzburg is a vintage script font that was created with a brush and captures the retro style. Here, it is paired with Regime Grotesk, a versatile and geometric sans serif font inspired by the 20s and 30s. This cursive and print font combination is great for propaganda-inspired branding.

Fioletrina is one of those easy and dynamic script fonts. This modern handwritten typeface is paired with Jacques. This versatile font is awesome for reading, and we've seen that contrasting forms make the best font pairings.

If you're looking for a more playful script font pairing, this is for you. Hello Sister is a fun and playful script font that's casual. It's paired here with a geometric sans serif that's built on mathematical purity. Both fonts are extremely legible and make a great pair.

This script font pairing is perfect for restaurant branding. Cliona Bold is a thick style monoline script that's highly legible. This cursive and print font combination would be great for menus and stationery. Gayaku brings a modern feel to the table with its unique shape and quirky personality.

Searching for a good-looking vintage style script font combination? Fireclay is a vintage-inspired font from the 70s that screams retro. George Sans is the perfect pair for this script. Its geometry gives it a 20s style, and both fonts combined look extra retro.

The most classic cursive and print font combination is here. Distoniare is a pretty and classic script font. It has a natural and realistic flow that gives off an elegant feel. Amarta is a modern serif font that's also elegant and distinct from the script. This script font pairing is great for stationery and branding.

Handstand is a new brush font that's dynamic, casual, and urban. It includes many ligatures and swashes, making it look as real as possible. SuperLine is an all-caps font, the perfect complement to Handstand. This striking modern display font comes in three different styles. There's plenty to choose from!

Houdient is a modern, calligraphic, and classy script font. It's inspired by abstract shapes and has a lot of movement. If you're looking to create an eye-catching script font pairing, this is a good one. Gojali is a fresh, geometric sans serif font. It has the perfect balance of humanist and grotesk style.

The cutest script font pairing is here. Little Ribbon is a typeface combining simple lines, and it's playful and great for kids' projects. Aginoe Sans is a unique sans serif font with modernist basics. This script font pairing makes a great team for branding and food packaging.

This fun script font pairing is here to change branding. Crafty Bestie is a new display font that combines a hand-drawn style with a brush texture touch. It's playful, fun, and casual. Berlin brings a nice balance to the script. Inspired by geometric fonts, its mission is to communicate clearly. This handwritten font combination is perfect for packaging and branding projects that want to come across as fun.

Looking for more font pairing cursives that are good for menus? Whiteflower and Davidas is a great script font pairing that won't disappoint. Whiteflower is a monoscript with a clean look and gorgeous ligatures. It's elegant and highly legible. Pair it with Davidas, a condensed sans serif font that contrasts with the height of the script. Use it for restaurant branding or wedding stationery.

Looking for more beautiful and elegant script font pairings? Bargiery is a calligraphic script, the most elegant script font you will find. It's classic, and it looks best paired with a serif font. Delaproza is a modern serif font that's as elegant as Bargiery. This combo is the best font pairing for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and books.

This cursive and print font combination is classic. The Hometown is a brush-style script font in an urban style. It's casual and pairs well with a solid sans serif like Quart. This unique font is a strong and bold sans serif font that grabs attention anywhere it goes. This pair is great for branding, promotional marketing, and social media graphics.

In this article, I showed you awesome fonts to pair with scripts. Scrips are never going out of style. These fonts are great for branding and a classic choice for wedding stationery. Finding the best font pairings is like finding precious metals. As a designer, it's always great to have a couple of combinations in your toolbox. Which font pairing cursive is your favorite?

If you're looking for inspiration or script font pairings, be sure to check out Envato Elements. Their growing library includes the best font pairings and fonts to pair with scripts. You can also find other assets like add-ons, presentation templates, and stock video. You might also be interested in the following articles:

Taylor is a classy, thin and elegant serif font. Chic and light, this font will add a touch of elegance to each of your creative ideas. Taylor is PUA encoded which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!

Farmhouse font comes with swashes for the beginning and ending of lowercase letters, like a lot on this list, but not for uppercase letters. It also includes really lovely alternate characters for ascenders and descenders (letters that go up like h, b, etc. and letters that go down like j, g, etc.).

I also lied earlier, because White Garden also contains beginning swashes for uppercase characters. This calligraphy font includes multiple options for uppercase characters, as well as ending swashes for the lowercase characters.

Please introduce, Routen. A Vintage monoline with lightning swash! monoline vintage script typeface which is created with many features such as ligatures, stylistic set alternate, swashes, etc with total 350++ GLYPHS! which is obviously support multi language characters! Provided in both OTF and TTF.

Adorn is a welcoming family of typefaces! With a modern and sometimes quirky twist on the staid, almost corporate look of formal invitations, this family of lettering typefaces arms designers with a large number of faces that work harmoniously, despite the distinctiveness of each. Adorn offers seven display fonts, four script designs, monograms, ornaments, illustrations, banners, frames, and catchwords.

Introducing Brulée, a balanced, contemporary monoline script font. Brulée offers a strong identity to your projects, including logos & branding, product designs, wedding invitations, posters, book covers, social media campaigns and many more.

Create the perfect wedding invitation, pairing The Knot script a hand-scripted modern calligraphy font, along with The Knot serif, a handmade elegant serif font designed for creating great typographic pieces, including branding, product designs, social media campaigns and many more.

Xeimoniatiki liakada scriptA beautiful modern script calligraphy font with Greek & English characters included as well. The font uses uppercase & lowercase plus some standard ligatures.


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