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Watch The Gundown (2011) CF

"Smoked" received mixed reviews from critics. According to Nielsen ratings, the episode's original broadcast was watched by 8.98 million viewers, making it the most watched program on NBC of the night and the most watched program in the 10:00 p.m. time slot.

Watch The Gundown (2011) CF

Stabler and Fin Tutuola (Ice-T) follow Luke to the shelter and watch him argue with a man, Eddie Skinner (Michael Raymond-James), who earlier said he saw Luke with a gun the night of the murder. When Skinner sees the detectives, he tries to run, but they arrest him. Ronson says he hired Skinner to scare Annette, not kill her, but Skinner says he and Ronson never agreed to that. Benson believes Ronson, but with no murder weapon, SVU has no case. ADA Sherri West (Francie Swift) charges Ronson with witness tampering and Skinner with assaulting a police officer. Later, ATF Agent Greer (Pedro Pascal) takes custody of Skinner because he is the key to busting a cigarette smuggling ring. Stabler goes undercover to bust the smuggling ring using Skinner as bait, but the paranoid smugglers suspect Stabler of being a cop and open fire on him; Skinner escapes during the chaos.

There was no doubt in Stefan's mind that given an hour with the Jean-Claude, if he was free to interrogate him in his own way, he would have all the information they needed, but here, in this French prison, with guards watching day and night and the government all too aware of their prisoner, he didn't have a chance to extract what he needed from the man. That only left one possibility. Jean-Claude La Roux had to escape. He sighed. He'd told his handler that same thing many times over the last two months.

He dressed carefully, slipping into his weapons as easily as the suit that had a casual elegance when his wide shoulders filled it out. His face was subtly different, his eye color a striking blue, a few of the scars gone. He'd trimmed his dark blonde hair into a much neater style and shaved all facial hair. His watch was in place, an equally elegant piece without being too showy. He looked like a wealthy businessman, but the kind who had fought his way to the top. He stood there for a long moment, his fingers running over the woman's face. Cursing his own stupidity he tapped the photograph once in a kind of frustration.

Following Kuiil's departure, Djarin spied on the mercenary encampment from afar using the scope of his Amban sniper rifle,[5] only to be dismayed[28] by the sight of an assassin droid designated IG-11, who was also from the Guild, approaching the encampment[5] to claim the bounty inside.[28] He watched as the droid attempted to negotiate with the company of Nikto mercenaries, stating a paragraph from the Bondsman Guild Protocol, and began to dispatch them one by one after they pulled out their blasters, forcing the mercenaries to retreat inside the buildings of the encampment.[5]

Upon returning to Nevarro to turn in the Child, he was contacted by Karga, who told him to take the quarry directly to the Client. On their way, Grogu detached the knob of one of the levers on the ship and played with it. Djarin took it off his hands before lifting him and placing him back into his hover-pram. The Mandalorian returned to the Imperial remnant facility with Grogu in hand. When he told the stormtroopers to handle Grogu's pram with care while entering the facility, he watched as they forcefully pulled the pram forward. Upon entering the Client's room, Djarin watched as Pershing and the Client inspected the infant, and he asked the latter how many hunters were given fobs to track Grogu. The Client stated that he needed to ensure the asset's delivery as it was of utmost importance to him.[30]

The Mandalorian was then presented with the camtono of beskar as promised. While inspecting the beskar ingots, the bounty hunter could only watch as Grogu was taken deeper into the facility by Pershing. When Djarin asked what the plans were for the Child, the Client questioned his inquiry and reminded the bounty hunter of the Code of the Guild as more stormtroopers entered the room. Not seeking a confrontation, Djarin quietly left the room with the camtono.[30]

The duo soon reached a common house where Djarin intended to search for information on where the two could possibly lay low. The common house's proprietor approached the two while they were seated at a table, taking their order. Having noticed former rebel shock trooper Carasynthia Dune, Djarin asked the proprietor about Dune's past and intentions, passing her some credits. After the proprietor responded with little information, Djarin trailed Dune when she left, flipping more credits to the proprietor on the way and telling her to watch Grogu.[14]

Outside the common house, Djarin used his thermal vision to track Dune's footprints. He moved around the house until the trail had ended, and was quickly ambushed by Dune. The two brawled until they drew their blasters at each other, and noticed Grogu watching them while sipping a bowl of soup. Following this, the two sat in the common house to speak to each other regarding their respective intentions. Dune revealed her military background and stated she was attempting to find sanctuary from a bounty placed on her after she deserted the New Republic. Shortly before Dune left, she asked the Mandalorian to leave as she had arrived to Sorgan first. The Mandalorian remarked to Grogu that the planet had already been "taken" as a result.[14]

The widowed villager Omera prepared his lodging while the Mandalorian unpacked his supplies. While Omera's daughter Winta entered the room, a startled Djarin pulled out his blaster pistol in response. The villager then introduced her daughter and explained that the village did not receive many visitors, before the two left Djarin's room. Later that day, Omera provided food to Djarin, who reluctantly allowed Winta to feed and take Grogu with her outside. Omera asked the Mandalorian when he had last removed his helmet; he remarked that he removed it yesterday. Omera clarified her question, asking if anyone had ever seen his face. Djarin replied that he hadn't shown his face to anyone since his childhood after the Mandalorians took him in following the Separatist attack on his home, before citing the Way of the Mandalore. After Omera departed, the Mandalorian watched the village's children play with Grogu as he ate with his helmet off.[14]

Shand shot Djarin in the chest and knocked him down. This gave Calican enough time to get behind Shand, and the two fought. When the assassin put Calican in a stranglehold, the Mandalorian interrupted the fight, demanding Shand put a pair of stuncuffs on herself. As both he and Calican escorted Shand to the remaining speeder, Djarin told Calican to find the dewback they had seen earlier in the day, but the rookie refused, stating that Shand was his bounty. Djarin then left to look for the stray dewback while Calican kept watch over Shand.[31]

While traveling to the prison ship, Djarin entered the cockpit and watched as Zero piloted the Crest with a scomp link and jumped to hyperspace, who then told Djarin to join the other members at the back of the ship. Making his way to the lower deck of his ship, Djarin confronted Burg after the latter opened a weapons compartment. During a brief standoff with Burg, the Devaronian questioned why Djarin was chosen for the job. Mayfeld quelled the standoff after explaining they were the "greatest warriors in the galaxy" according to hearsay, to which Burg asked why most Mandalorians were deceased, referencing the Great Purge.[6]

While on the ship, the group slowly made their way to the control room until they encountered a patrol of N5 sentry droids in a corridor after Burg shot a mouse droid, and were pinned down as a result. Djarin then flanked the security droids from behind, and destroyed them in a surprise attack, while the mercenaries watched. After successfully destroying the droids, the mercenaries mocked his efforts, with Mayfeld telling him to "clean up his mess" and Burg intentionally bumping into Djarin while passing by him.[6]

En route to Nevarro aboard the Razor Crest, Djarin and Dune participated in a friendly match of arm-wrestling in the ship's lower deck before Dune was choked by Grogu, as the infant saw the match as a threat to Djarin's life. The Mandalorian quickly stopped the infant and told him that Dune was a friend. Kuiil, who watched the situation unfold, informed Djarin that the story of his encounter with the mudhorn made much more sense after seeing Grogu use his powers, revealing that he had heard rumors about them before. Following an argument between Kuiil and Dune regarding the Ugnaught's service with the Empire, Djarin asked him to construct a new hover-pram for Grogu.[19]

The group eventually arrived on Nevarro, where they met up with Karga and his three aides while riding the three blurrgs they had taken to the planet. When Karga recommended that Dune stay aboard the Crest, Djarin stated she was coming with the rest of the group. Karga then asked to see the bounty that the Imperials were chasing in the flesh, and Djarin silently obliged by moving the pram towards Karga. As the Guild agent picked up Grogu to inspect him, Djarin kept his hand on his blaster, cautious of Karga's actions. Afterwards, the group made their way across Nevarro's lava fields, and set up camp at the riverbank at nightfall.[19]While residing at the camp, Djarin and Karga discussed their plan to eliminate the Client. The group suddenly came under an attack by multiple native reptavians, where one of Karga's aides was captured and taken away. During the ambush, Djarin was pinned down to the ground by one of them, but was scared off after he used his flamethrower. After successfully driving off the creatures, the group surrounded Karga, who received a fatal injury during the attack, and watched as Grogu healed Karga's wounds. At sunrise, the group proceeded to make their way to the city.[19]

While on his back, Djarin instructed Dune to leave him and escape to protect Grogu, which she protested. He gave her a necklace of a mythosaur skull that he possessed, telling her to show it to the Tribe in order to have them assist Dune and the others. Djarin then helplessly watched as Grogu used the Force to reflect the fire created by an Incinerator trooper. When IG-11 managed to remove the grating on the sewer access pipeline, Djarin remained behind, wishing to buy the group time to escape.[3] 041b061a72


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