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Milf Fuck Neighbour Boy

Big tits milf knows her teen neighbour spying on her.She gives him a striptease show and calls him into her bedroom.He can fuck her once.She lets him lick her hairy pussy and then deepthroats his big hard teen cock.She jerks him off before riding him

milf fuck neighbour boy

Home alone teen has her neighbour over to fix a problem.He works himself into her bedroom and she finds out hes been spying on her for some time.He even got footage.No other choice than to suck him off and get anal reamed by her perv neighbour

Troubled guy just got home from counseling when his teen cheerleading neighbour knocks on his door to ask if he can help her with her practice.She shows off her ass and is excited he takes out his cock.He cant resist anymore and fucks her

I could smell the booze on her breath and her speech was slightly slurred. Several times I was tempted to turn my head slightly so her kiss landed on my lips and make it look like an accident. But I didn't have the guts and left her place with an erection just thinking of my fantasy of fucking this gorgeous MILF.

As I buried my cock deep inside her I took ahold of her shoulders and pulled her up so we could kiss. We kissed deeply as my hands cupped her breasts and I could feel the head of my cock swell inside her. After a good kissing session I lowered her back down and slowly began to fuck her.

We were in perfect rhythm as she pushed back into me as I thrust into her. Taking ahold of her hips I thrust a bit harder and faster. She followed suit matching my tempo. After a bit I started to fuck her harder. She responded by taking her hand and rubbing her clit and stroking my balls.

I started to work her clit with my mouth as I finger fucked her. I gave extra attention to her G spot when I would suck hard on clit. I pulled my middle finger out from her pussy and started to tease her ass a bit pressing against the hole. While trying to finger fuck her pussy my finger accidently slid inside her ass. 041b061a72


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