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Everybody 39;s Rpg Apk Free Download

Everybody's RPG: A Classic Pixelated Idle Game for Android

If you are a fan of retro-style role-playing games, you might want to check out Everybody's RPG, a classic pixelated idle game that brings back the nostalgic memories of old-school RPG gaming. In this game, you can summon various heroes from different worlds and form your own team to fight against enemies, bosses, and other players. You can also upgrade your heroes, items, and runes, as well as rebirth your progress for more rewards. The game is easy to play, but also offers a lot of depth and strategy for hardcore RPG lovers.

everybody 39;s rpg apk free download

Everybody's RPG is a paid game on Google Play Store, but you can download it for free on your Android device by following some simple steps. In this article, we will show you how to do that, as well as introduce you to the main features, tips, and tricks of this addictive idle RPG game.

How to Download Everybody's RPG APK for Free on Android

Everybody's RPG is a game developed by NomadGames, a Korean studio that specializes in creating pixel art games. The game has been updated regularly since its release in 2018, and has received positive reviews from players and critics alike. The game costs $0.99 on Google Play Store, but you can get it for free by downloading its APK file from other sources.

An APK file is an Android application package that contains all the files and data needed to install and run an app on your device. You can download APK files from various websites that offer free apps and games for Android users. However, you need to be careful when downloading APK files from unknown sources, as some of them might contain malware or viruses that can harm your device or steal your personal information.

To download Everybody's RPG APK for free on your Android device, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to a trusted website that offers APK files for free, such as APKCombo or Softonic. You can also use a search engine like Bing or Google to find other websites that provide Everybody's RPG APK.

  • On the website, search for Everybody's RPG or enter its package name (com.nomadgames.everybodyrpgpay) in the search box.

  • Select the latest version of the game (1.8 as of November 2022) and click on the download button. You might need to complete some verification steps or watch some ads before downloading the file.

  • Once the download is complete, locate the APK file on your device (usually in the Downloads folder) and tap on it to install it. You might need to enable the option to install apps from unknown sources in your device settings before installing the file.

  • After the installation is done, you can launch the game from your app drawer or home screen and enjoy playing Everybody's RPG for free.

Main Features of Everybody's RPG

Everybody's RPG is a classic RPG idle game that has many features that make it fun and engaging. Here are some of the main features of the game:

Idle Gameplay with Endless Hero Combinations

The game is based on idle gameplay, which means that your heroes will fight automatically even when you are offline or away from your device. You can collect gold, gems, items, runes, and other resources while your heroes battle against various enemies and bosses. You can also switch between different modes, such as adventure, dungeon, tower, and arena, to challenge yourself and earn more rewards.

The game has over 100 heroes from different worlds and genres, such as fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and more. You can summon heroes using gems or tickets, and upgrade their levels, skills, and stats. You can also equip them with items and runes that enhance their abilities and attributes. You can form your own team of up to six heroes, and arrange them in different formations and positions to optimize their performance. You can also mix and match heroes from different classes, such as warrior, mage, archer, healer, and more, to create endless combinations and strategies.

PvP Battles and Guild Wars

If you want to test your skills and compete with other players, you can join the PvP mode of the game. In this mode, you can fight against other players' teams in real-time or asynchronous battles. You can also join a guild and participate in guild wars, where you can cooperate with your guild members and fight against other guilds for glory and rewards. You can also chat with your guild members and share tips and information.

The PvP mode and the guild wars are both ranked modes, where you can earn points and climb up the leaderboards. You can also earn medals and trophies that you can use to exchange for various items and rewards in the shop. The PvP mode and the guild wars are both updated regularly with new seasons and events, so you can always find new challenges and opponents to face.

Rebirth System and Item Upgrades

One of the unique features of Everybody's RPG is the rebirth system. This system allows you to reset your progress and start over from the beginning, but with some benefits. When you rebirth, you can keep your heroes, items, runes, gems, medals, trophies, and other resources that you have collected. You can also earn rebirth points that you can use to unlock various perks and bonuses that will make your next run easier and faster.

The rebirth system is useful when you reach a point where you cannot progress further or when you want to try a different strategy or team composition. You can rebirth as many times as you want, but each time the difficulty of the game will increase slightly. The rebirth system adds a lot of replay value and variety to the game, as well as encourages you to experiment with different options and choices.

Another feature of Everybody's RPG is the item upgrade system. This system allows you to enhance your items by using gold or other items as materials. You can upgrade your items up to 10 times, increasing their stats and effects. You can also combine two items of the same grade to create a higher-grade item with better stats and effects. You can also use the material converter to convert unwanted items into useful materials that you can use for upgrading or crafting.

The item upgrade system is important for improving your heroes' power and performance. You can find items by defeating enemies and bosses, opening chests, or buying them from the shop. You can also craft items using recipes that you can find or buy in the game. Resource Islands and Magic Cubes

Another feature of Everybody's RPG is the resource islands and the magic cubes. These are special modes that you can access after reaching certain levels in the game. The resource islands are islands that you can explore and collect various resources, such as gold, gems, items, runes, and more. You can also encounter enemies and bosses that drop rare and valuable loot. The resource islands are divided into different zones, each with different themes and difficulties. You can use tickets to enter the resource islands, and you can earn tickets by playing the game or buying them from the shop.

The magic cubes are cubes that contain mysterious and powerful forces. You can use magic cubes to enhance your heroes' stats and skills, as well as unlock new skills and effects. You can also use magic cubes to create new heroes or items with random attributes and grades. You can find magic cubes by playing the game or buying them from the shop. You can also use the magic cube converter to convert unwanted magic cubes into useful materials that you can use for crafting or upgrading.

The resource islands and the magic cubes are both optional modes that you can play at your own pace and preference. They offer a lot of opportunities and rewards for players who want to explore more aspects of the game and customize their heroes and items.

Tips and Tricks for Playing Everybody's RPG

Everybody's RPG is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. There are many factors and variables that affect your gameplay and progress, such as your heroes, items, runes, skills, formations, strategies, modes, events, and more. To help you get started and improve your performance in the game, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow:

How to Optimize Your Hero Formation and Skills

One of the most important aspects of Everybody's RPG is your hero formation and skills. Your hero formation determines how your heroes are arranged and positioned in your team, as well as how they interact and cooperate with each other. Your hero skills determine what abilities and effects your heroes have, as well as how they use them in combat.

To optimize your hero formation and skills, you need to consider several factors, such as:

  • Your heroes' classes: Each hero belongs to one of six classes: warrior, mage, archer, healer, tank, and support. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as roles and functions in the team. For example, warriors deal high physical damage and have high defense, but have low magic resistance and speed. Mages deal high magical damage and have high magic resistance, but have low defense and health. Archers deal high ranged damage and have high speed, but have low defense and health. Healers heal and buff allies, but have low damage output. Tanks absorb damage and protect allies, but have low damage output. Supports debuff enemies and provide utility effects, but have low damage output.

Your heroes' positions: Each hero has a preferred position in the team: front, middle, or back. Each position has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as affects how your heroes attack and defend. For example, front heroes are more likely to be targeted by enemies and take more damage, but they also deal more damage to e


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