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Mistral was a female cyborg mercenary and a member of Desperado Enforcement LLC. Mistral was one of the Winds of Destruction, alongside Sundowner and Monsoon. Her code-name is derived from the dry northern winds that blow from the Alps to the Mediterranean. Mistral used multiple copies of her main weapon called "L'Étranger" (French for "Stranger") in whip and rod configurations and could easily rebuild a new one at ease.[4] Outside of combat operations, she wore a black and violet coat with pauldrons, which she removed in a suggestive manner before engaging her opponent. Mistral's serial number was 977-AZQEE.

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In Super Mario Odyssey, aside from her traditional pink dress, which only appears in the prologue and when encountering her at Mushroom Kingdom in the post-game, she has a wide variety of outfits, such as the wedding dress she wore for most of the game (later revealed to be the Lochlady Dress), as well as various outfits she wore in the post-game, with the specific type depending on the world visited. The wedding dress is a platinum white floor-length gown with large panniers. Peach also wears her usual opera gloves, but they are platinum white and have a glittery texture. For her Wintertime outfit, Peach wears a gray trench coat, a black beret, matching gloves, a white scarf with a bowtie, and black heels and tights. For her Explorer outfit, Peach wears a heavy duty explorer's uniform, where the shirt and shorts are a wheat tan color, a straw hat, white exploring gloves, and brown hiking boots with white high socks. For her Vacation outfit, Peach wears a white polo shirt with a pink midi skirt, a white sun hat with a pink band, a pink scarf with tiny white polka dots, and silver ankle-strapped heels. Her Swimwear appearance consists of a pink two-piece swimsuit, a white towel with a pink Power Moon pattern around her waist, a white flower on top of her hair, white sunglasses, a violet flower necklace, and pink wedged flip-flops with violet flowers attached. In her Yukata form, Peach wears a white yukata with a Fire Flower pattern on it, a Boo mask attached to her hair, and wedged brown geta with teal straps. For the outfit she wears at Mount Volbono, she wears blue overalls with a long-sleeved pink shirt, a cornsilk straw hat, white rancher gloves, and pink rain boots. 041b061a72


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