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Oxygen Forensic Detective supports the two most popular digital assistants - Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can access Amazon Alexa cloud using a username and password or token. A token can be found on the device's associated computer with Oxygen Forensic KeyScout and used in Cloud Extractor. The software acquires a complete evidence set from Amazon Alexa, including account and device details, contacts, messages, calendars, notifications, lists, activities, skills, etc. Google Home data can be extracted via Google username/password or a master token found in mobile devices. Extracted Google Home data includes account and device details, voice commands, and information about users.

xtractor 2 0 keygen 17

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Oxygen Forensic KeyScout offers the ability to seek and locate system files, tokens and passwords saved on a computer as well as extract user data from various desktop Web browsers, E-mail clients and Messengers. The utility is available from the main menu in Oxygen Forensic Detective, installs to removable media and collects credentials currently from PCs. The collected credentials can then be imported into Oxygen Forensic Cloud Extractor for immediate use and extracted user data should be imported as Oxygen Desktop Backup into Oxygen Forensic Detective. The KeyScout is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

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