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Sony Optiarc Driver

Yeah, same problem here with the identical model machine and optical drive. Typically Windows handles the driver itself, there is not a special one to install. My assumption is some compatibility issue with the firmware of the optical drive. Hoping to see an update, though this model is not in the list of models Acer is providing support for Windows 10.

Sony Optiarc Driver

Personally, I don't want to backtrack to Windows 7 Pro. I'll find some other solution even if it's as drastic as replacing the DVD RW. One note of interest - I checked the hardware compatibility list at and found that this model DVD RW branded by Dell is listed as compatible. Don't know if there is any way to get a copy of Dell's drivers for this device, but it would appear that it would work with their drivers.

Refer back to the post regarding the AMD drivers. You don't need to install an application, just unzip the files to a folder you can find easily. Then open Device Manager, find the entry for the SATA controller, right-click on this entry and select update driver. Use the option to search for drivers on your computer and point the search to the directory you unzipped the AMD drivers in. This should instal the updated driver, which will allow Windows to recognize your DVD drive. Hope this quick explanation helps, but for a more thorough explanation reefer back to the post regarding the AMD SATA controller drivers. 350c69d7ab


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